Friday, August 04, 2006

1 - Nareos Partners with m2any for Audio ID Fingerprinting Announces Launch of PeerBox Mobile

ScreenHunter_87.jpgBy incorporating m2any’s AudioID fingerprinting technology, PeerBox Mobile gains the capability of identifying copyrighted songs allowing Peerbox to avoid violating copyrights as well as to sell these songs legally should users wish to purchase them. AudioID also supports the very cool On-the-Air song identification feature that allows a user to record roughly 15 seconds of a song and have that song identified by the service. Cingular is offering a similar service right now however they’re charging a per use fee that I believe is around $0.99 per use.

I’ve previously reviewed PeerBox Mobile while it was in closed beta and found it to be terrific. I don’t know if I’ll love it as much with a large percentage of the music catalog locked down, but for the few weeks of the test I was riding high downloading music on the fly whenver the mood struck. The ability to find and download music straight to your phone no matter where you are is something that I think will catch on like wildfire. Listening to music is largely a spontaneous and in the moment experience and being able to instantly gratify yourself with OTA downloads is a simple pleasure that makes your life richer and more memorable.

According to the company, another new feature, recogntion of verbal song requests (so you don’t have to type the names on your phone keypad) is coming soon. I say this application plus the Nokia N91 or one of the Sony Walkman Musicphones and you’ll do what I do - and find the old iPod spends more and more time living in the charger and less and less as a second (or third) device in my pocket or backpack.

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6 - Créer son propre podcast

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Comment créer un podcast ?

Voici quelques articles sur la création d'un podcast:

Les étapes de création d'un podcast - 01Net
Article de Stéphane Viossat pour la création d'un podcast et la mise à disposition sur Podemus.

Podcasting how to - C’est quoi et comment faire ?
Excellent article rédigé par Jean-Marc Ouvré. Même si les logiciels cités sont principalement à destination du monde Mac, quelques pistes sont données pour les utilisateurs de Windows/Linux.

Créer ses propres podcasts
Article de Rick Broida sur Zdnet.

Comment créer un Podcast ? Mode d'emploi
Article publié sur France Podcast.

Podcast : s'abonner, créer, diffuser
Très complet document d'itrafik en pdf, à destination des utilisateurs de Mac.

Et enfin, une présentation audio de Ludovic Dupin sur SVMblog :
Créer son podcast

La boucle est bouclée... :)


On pourrait ajouter : comment s'abonner et lire des podcasts sur un smartphone :

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Comment s'abonner Ă des podcasts?

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14 - Mysterious Ways

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Telecoms Korea

Telecoms Korea: "T-DMB Devices Flood the Market
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Monday, 12 September 2005

As terrestrial DMB service is officially launched in December this year, a horde of market players are turning their eyes to making DMB devices.

Now it is estimated that more than 100 developers of automobile navigation or AV system, MP3 player, PMP and even PC started developing T-DMB devices.

Related Article : Samsung, LG Demonstrate Terrestrial DMB at IFA 2005

And hopes are running high for market outlook in overseas countries as Germany recently adopted Korean DMB technology and Mexico is expected to follow the footstep of Germany.

C&S Technology, which developed Neptune, a DMB multimedia chip, said, �We have received tons of orders thanks to the launch of T-DMB service and bright market prospects.� �A new DMB chip for mobile phones will be available at the end of this year.�, the company said.


Saturday, September 10, 2005

Samsung Electronics goes DVB-H

Samsung Electronics Develops DVB-H Chipset
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed a DVB-H (digital video broadcasting for handhelds) front-end chipset that has both a Zero-IF (intermediate frequency) CMOS RF tuner (S5M8600) and a DVB-H/T-compliant (DVB handheld and terrestrial TV standard) channel decoder (S3C4F10) with a CPU and embedded memory.With this chipset, mobile phone makers will be able to shorten their product development cycle and speed market introduction by foregoing compatibility testing and chip interface adjustments between the radio frequency tuner and the channel decoder.The DVB-H standard compliant SoC baseband channel decoder (S3C4F10) is a single-chip channel decoder solution, completed with all memories needed for Link Layer operations such as MPE-FEC decoding and IP-Decapsulation.Samsung's Zero-IF CMOS RF tuner chip (S5M8600) supports DVB-H networks internationally. This enables manufacturers to build handsets for European and U.S. markets using the same tuner and software. For mobile phones targeted to handle planned broadcast TV service in the United States, the tuner operates in the L-Band (1670-1675 MHz) frequency range. For those targeted at Europe, it also will function within the European UHF frequency range (470-890 MHz) and the L-Band spectrum likely to be allocated for European mobile TV broadcast (1452-1477 MHz).
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